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Performance Management System (Version 2.0)


Welcome to Rhapsody of Realities performance management systems (PMS).

 Performance Management is a structured visual approach to monitoring the business performance, highlighting issues & reacting to them in a timely manner

Here are some features of Rhapsody of Realities PMS application :

  • Appraise yourself
  • Appraise those who report to you
  • Review those that have been appraised by the line managers under you
  • Be appraised by the line manager to whom you report
  • View your personal profile including reports of your appraisal
  • Know how much you are meeting the company's goals for the season

With this information you can plan how to be effective in your duties and you can plan your career properly. Should you have any question during the appraisal season please do not hesitate to the Human Resource Department.